Your package will arrive within 9 days after you placed your order. We usually ship out every Tuesday with 1 or 2 day shipping, so you can expect your package to arrive the following Wednesday or Thursday. You will received an email with a tracking code once the package has been shipped.  In case we can not ship to your address, we will contact you and fully refund your order. 

Metabrew is made out of the best ingredients and is minimally processed. Therefore, it requires refrigeration. Your brews will be packed into an insulated liner and kept chilled with ice bricks. Please ensure that you unpack and REFRIGERATE YOUR BOTTLES IMMEDIATELY upon receipt. If the bottles are not cold to touch, do not consume and discard them. For packages left unattended for more than 9 hours after arrival we cannot guarantee freshness nor replacement. 

For any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact We're always happy to help!

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