the Meta Mavens


ALEX COOK - Partner

Copy Maven I Content Marketing & PR

With his cheerful spirit and endless creativity, Alex (a former dorm-room coffee shop owner!) is the wordsmith creating the brands authentic and unforgettable voice.

NATALIE NEUMANN a.k.a. NEU - Co-Founder

Chief Maven I Operations, Finance, Prod. Dev.

With her American drive, German mindset, and heart of an industrial designer, Natalie is the wheel safely navigating the company with her systems and spreadsheets.

ROMY RAAD a.k.a. RAD - Co-Founder

Chief Maven I Sales, Marketing, Distribution

With her branding background, Lebanese charm and hospitality sense, Romy is the dynamo of the team, lightning excitement to close sales deals and foster relationships.

"We believe in the power of food as a catalyst for bliss. We believe that life and work should be symbiotic — not just balanced. As creatives, we explore ways of fusing food, strategy and design to make this happen." - RAD&NEU