Working from Home Tips

1. Wake up early

We all know it’s impossible to start working right after you roll out of bed. You’re groggy, uncaffeinated, and so so ready to watch last night’s late-night monologues on Youtube, buuutttt it’s your home office day, and you’re really not trying to feel any guiltier than you already are about maybe not finishing all the tasks you thought you’d get done today. Before throwing on that work bathrobe and your successful slippers, ponder this:

What if you had woken up an hour ago? Maybe two?

I mean, why not? If you don't live near a Fjord, you can also make one sweet omelette during usual gökotta-time.

I mean, why not? If you don't live near a Fjord, you can also make one sweet omelette during usual gökotta-time.

None of us can work right out of bed, and none of us should, cause it’s straight impossible. So, instead of pressuring yourself to get down to business right away, and getting frustrated, spend a couple hours taking care of Numero Uno -- maybe do a little workout, eat a nice healthy breakfast, listen to Morning Edition while doing the crossword, or maybe just get your space tidied up a little bit. If you get up just a little earlier than you normally would, you can really get your mind right for taking on the tasks at hand.

Not the best home-office strategy

Not the best home-office strategy

2. Get ready for work

When you’re working from home, the temptation is mighty to post up pantless on the couch and spend the day loafing “productively.” Throughout this little helper-course, you’ll find a common thread: it’s important to create boundaries between home and work life when you happen to be working in a domicile. That applies to how you start your day too. Instead of luxuriating in that comfortable, just-woke-up feeling well after you wake up, take a shower, get your hairdo right, and when lunch rolls around impress your seamless delivery dude with how dapper you are compared to the unwashed masses he’s encountering every ten minutes. Mark Wahlberg said it best, “Look Good, Feel Good,” so get off your butt, and get ready for work!

3. Plan out your day

You know you’ve got a lot on your plate when you start your home-office day. And you know that episodes of that Netflix show you really wanna watch just got uploaded to the cloud. And you know that your dog really wants to spend about three hours at the local dog park cause it’s beautiful outside, and maybe because you wanna chat with some single local dog-humans. But, you have so much work to do. Before you do anything, stop, and write down exactly what you want to get done that day, block off time to get that shit done, and just do it, dammit.

Is this what the  Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up  is about?

Is this what the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is about?

4. Make sure you’re working in a proper workspace

So you’re clean, you have on a sweet pair of jeans and a button-down that makes it look like you just walked out of a J-crew catalogue, and you’re ampley caffeinated. So you sit down on the floor and pop your laptop up on your coffee table and start scrolling through the day’s newsletters. But you’re not comfortable, you’re thrown off by the ever-growing tower of pizza boxes in the corner of the room, and your roommate is apparently having a dance party for one in the next room.

Your workspace is important. Whether that means investing in a chair where you can sit and not wonder if you’ve completely lost feeling in your rear end, or having a desk that doesn’t have junk strewn all across it, spend some time making sure where you’re working is a place where you can spend some time. Or, y’know, holler at the coffee shop with the sweet patio just a few blocks away.

5. Take proper breaks

Your time is blocked out, you know what you’ve gotta get done, and your workspace is finally on point. Now that you’ve actually started working, it so happens you remember that you told your best friend that you’d listen to his librivox recording of Lady Chatterly’s Lover by the end of the month, and that you’d let him know if he were perhaps a little too excited in certain scenes. Don’t fret, you can totally do both! You’ll find that if you set aside about 5-10 minutes of me-time per hour that you’ll feel way less guilty about slacking off during that time, and that you’ll be way more productive the rest of the time!

6. Always be drinking water

Just do it cause you’ll feel better. Your thoughts will be clearer, you won’t be nearly as hungry, and cause water is just hella good for you in the right quantity. I post up next to a quart container of the stuff and just go to town, but you can shell out a couple bucks for a sweet insulated water bottle that’ll keep your agua cooler than Billy D. Williams at the ice hotel.

7. Have yourself a good lunch

Only unzip pizza pouch in case of emergencies --otherwise, enjoy your break, get a fresh slice!

Only unzip pizza pouch in case of emergencies --otherwise, enjoy your break, get a fresh slice!

Perhaps one of the most important working from home tips. This is your big break, so enjoy it. Only thing is, try not to indulge too much -- a great big lunch can end up sabotaging your productivity big time. Also, it’s your time to get out of the office, and enjoy some time around other humans, so let yourself and others appreciate the self-starting high-functioning member of society you know you are!


Stay tuned for more home-office survival tips, coming soon!

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