Let's Kick Some Ice : When Winter Depression Sets In

The frost bites, amiright? Now that we’ve left apple cider season behind, and the time for hot chocolates (and toddies) has started in earnest, we know that motivation for going to the gym, or y’know, going outside at all, has started to wane for almost all. Have no fear, the iceman may cometh, but we’ve got a few tips to help y’all with the winter depression and to stay cool amidst the icicles and abominable snow out there...

“Don’t go back to snooze-ville”


As temperatures dive, the temptation is mighty to sit tight once your alarm starts ringing. However, we all know the best thing to come of that is some crazy dream that none of your roommates wanna hear about, really. So, here are a couple suggestions for getting your butt out of bed, and into the light of day.

  1. Use a sleep cycle alarm clock -- there are plenty all over the app store, and they’ll wake you up at that perfect moment, cause being stirred mid-REM is almost as bad as drinking a pina colada first thing in the morning

  2. Turn on All of the Lights -- our bodies are programmed to sleep when it’s dark, so make it not dark. Hit a light that’ll make it impossible to hit snooze, so you can wake up, and do stuff!

  3. Turn on ‘All of the Lights’ (or another tune that’ll get you moving) -- if you’re dancing, you won’t be sleeping [word to the wise: don’t pick a song you absolutely love, because you will hate it if you wake up to it everyday]

  4. Warm it up -- keep a space heater in your room, turn it on right before you wanna wake up, and emerge from your comfy cocoon into a room as warm as that beach you went to in December!

“Prep like it’s the end of the world as we know it”

Because two tanktops is always better than one...

Because two tanktops is always better than one...

One thing about the cold that isn’t so cool is how much of a shock it is when we step outside for the first time. And while we can’t help it if it feels like you’re getting slapped by Mr. Freeze when you take those first steps outside, we’ve found that being prepared makes it a helluva lot easier to go about your day, and set yourself up for success. Soooo…

  1. Check the weather the night before you wake up -- when you can get all those groans out of your system the night before, you’ll be a lot less reluctant to put on those workout pants once the sun comes up. And, speaking of workout pants….

  2. Buy some new athletic outerwear so that even if you don’t feel too keen on going outside, at least you’ll look amazing, and feel warm as a care bear’s belly

  3. If you plan on working out once you’re done with work for the day why not bring your gym bag with you before your workday, just make sure to keep all the stanky stuff back at your place, or to seal those zippers up tight

  4. Find yourself a chill bro -- you know that almost all of your friends are probably feeling as cold as you are, I mean, except that freakazoid Gerald who you’re pretty sure was wearing a Speedo while shoveling his driveway last week -- our point is this, if you team up with a bud, apart from huddling together for warmth, you guys can totally motivate one another to hit the gym, the track, or the soccer field

More Wonderful Winter-killers

MFW it's April and I forgot that New York's weather is controlled by a vengeful God.

MFW it's April and I forgot that New York's weather is controlled by a vengeful God.

  1. Make a new winter playlist -- new year, new you, right? Why doesn’t the new you like the musical stylings of rambunctious reggae act Toots and the Maytals, not to mention how much warmer you’ll feel with those island rhythms rocking through your bones. You don’t have to 180 on your tastes, just give something else a try, dig up an old favorite -- just inject a little bit of that verve into your musical routine -- it’ll help keep your workout interesting and pull you out of that winter depression mode. 

  2. Stay home -- Who doesn’t love a home office day, especially when it’s cold and wet outside. You don’t even have to leave the house to workout! Do some bodyweight exercises, borrow your roommates kettlebell, however you choose to do it, make a day in a day you win!

  3. Drink a lot of water -- this is just, like, something you should always be doing. Even if you’re not thirsty, get guzzling that good H2O

  4. Set smaller goals for yourself -- You might want to be able to walk around wearing the chassis of a VW bug like those golems on World’s Strongest Man reruns, but you’re never gonna get there if you don’t start a little smaller. Make incremental progress, and you’ll be shocked with how fast you’re actually moving!

  5. Finally, put your goals right in front of you -- leave reminders by your alarm clock or in places you’ll see, like in front of your desk, on your fridge, on the ceiling above your bed, anywhere that you’ll look to early and often.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll find yourself fighting Frost Giants by the end of winter, or that you’ll suddenly be compelled to join the Polar Bear club, but, if you follow only a few of these steps, we know that you won’t want to go into hibernation nearly as bad. 


Movie credits to the '64 classic: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.