What is MCT Oil and Why is It in Metabrew?

That one coworker won't shut up about it, find out why you should start listening to him.

The MCT Oil in Metabrew is what transforms your metabolism into a superhero! MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride which, I know, might sound a little less wholesome than the other goodness in Metabrew, but a triglyceride is just a kind of fat (as in the kind of fat that’s stored in you and me and all animals and plants on the planet), and MCTs are just fatty acids.

Whereas almost every other fat we consume is of the longer-chain variety (like Omega-3s), medium-chain triglycerides are processed by our digestive system in a totally different way. Simply because they’re smaller and simpler than other triglycerides, our livers are able to break down the carbon bonds in the MCT more readily, converting them to energy almost immediately.

If you hear MCT- fanatics talk about the stuff, most of the time they’ll call it a “fuel” before a “fat” for this very reason. In fact, MCTs are processed so efficiently by our liver that they actually raise our body temperature ever so slightly, and can help burn off a few extra calories! This is why MCTs are often termed, “thermogenic.” 

[And for all you MCT-nerds out there, Metabrew’s only got those C-8’s and C-10’s (Capric and Caprylic Acid), so you don’t have to sweat that lauric acid (eat your heart out brain octane-junkies).]

Apart from all that wondrousness, MCTs can also help you maintain a healthy weight, boost cognitive function (with the production of hella ketone bodies), and can help your digestion in a big way by killing off harmful viruses and bacteria that make your tummy feel not so wonderful.  

With this uber-ingredient growing in popularity almost every day, you can probably pick the stuff up at your local Whole Foods (they just released their own 365-branded variety), or you can get big beautiful bottles of the stuff straight off Amazon (we love Left Coast Performance)!

MCTs are easy to incorporate into your diet too! Apart from a solid 5g MCT in every bottle of Metabrew Coffee or Tea, you can throw a little MCT oil into your morning smoothie or shake, your favorite salad dressing, or even a little homemade mayo (which we all know is the only way to go).

 For more on MCT oil, there are thousands of words on why it’s an essential part of any bio-hacker’s diet on plenty of blogs, and there’s a wealth of reputable online work on these marvelous MCTs! 

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