What is Collagen and What's it Doing in our Coffee?

I don’t know if it comes as a surprise to any of you perspicacious persons, but over here at Metabrew, we love messing with our morning coffee. Annnnd, while we really really love plain old black coffee (especially the amazing stuff Café Integral has been supplying us with lately), sometimes an especially early morning (or a night that goes late into the A.M.) requires more than just the old Java jive.

Soooo, in this recurring window into the lives of the Meta Mavens, we’ll be sharing all the powders, animal products, and other pulse-ables we scoop into our blenders before starting our days.

To start, we’d like to apologize to all you Vegans out there, but we absolutely love a little collagen in our morning brew, a slurry we’ve most-unattractively coined Meatbrew.

The face I'd make if anybody asked if I'd like some Meatbrew

The face I'd make if anybody asked if I'd like some Meatbrew

Now, you might be wondering : what is collagenCollagen is basically a kind of protein -- coming from the Greek word, “kólla” meaning “glue,” it was initially taken from equine hooves and bones to make literal Elmer’s --  and it’s easiest to think of collagen as a kind of glue within our own bodies. Apart from lending a little extra texture to our usual java, this powdered protein has a host of other health benefits.

For one, it’s a way to incorporate a whole lot of protein into your diet without ordering Steak-Steak-Steak-Frites everytime you go out to eat. And, collagen is a lot more bio-available, offering more, and more significant benefits than something like Whey or Casein powder.

Most famously, a little extra collagen in your diet can help you become just a bit more ravishing in nearly every way: improving the appearance of skin, hair, teeth and nails(2). All of these need collagen to be, and type 1 collagen in particular. Our bodies naturally produce collagen, however, as time goes by, we produce less and less. So, if you’re choosing to be younger-looking, you might want to start choosing those good good peptides to pop in your morning brew. By keeping skin looking taut as a John le Carré novel, a little collagen-supplementation can also help cellulite from peaking out from under that firmer derma-layer.

For those afflicted with what I can only call post-athletic joint syndrome, that is, the state our joints are left in after sustaining joint and muscle injuries after years of basketball and soccer games that somehow never got seen by college or NBA scouts, collagen might be that knee brace you can put in your face that you’ve been looking for (3). Because this protein’s crucial for ligaments, and secondarily for cartilage, collagen can help us maintain better-feeling joints for now, and this powdered protein may be a big help in combating arthritis in the long run (4).

Not only that, but collagen is excellent at improving gut health (and specifically combatting leaky-gut syndrome) -- basically, by allowing us to form more strong connective tissue, our gastro-intestinal lining is given a serious repair job. This helps us keep nasty crap out of our intestines like Tim Howard keep’s opponents’ strikes from entering the USA net (5). Nasty stuff that causes things like infection, inflammation, and other things that would have Osmosis Jones on the scene.

So yeah, if you’re interested in keeping your face looking as good as Keanu Reeves’s has over time, or having fingernails so strong they’d give Wolverine a run for his money, or y’know if you’re just into a little more lean protein in your diet, give a lil hydrolyzed collagen a try, it doesn’t taste like anything, annnnddd it’s just hella hella good for ya.

How is this real?

How is this real?

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