Too much Caffeine : You're Overdoing It

So y’all already know that Metabrew is carefully engineered to help you Do More:

More handstands, more writings on the hidden meaning of Frank Ocean’s Blonde, more moves for your next synchronized swimming meet, y’know, or just a mile more on your next long run. Metabrew at its core is just coffee with more — more in the form of cashew, cacao, and MCT oil…buttttt did you know that Metabrew actually has way less caffeine than your usual cup of Folger’s?

Metabrew helps you feel better than just a cup of coffee

Metabrew helps you feel better than just a cup of coffee

According to, most drip coffee clocks in at around 145 mg of caffeine, and cold brew has somewhere around 200 mg of the stuff. Metabrew’s got about as much caffeine as the cup o’ tea Michael Caine had before yelling, “You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!!” (or any other cup of English Breakfast Tea for that matter).

The thing is, caffeine’s effects wane after about an hour, so even if you’re feeling like a rocket on that extra-large cold brew, there’s no doubt you’ll crash back to earth before too long. There is such a thing as too much caffeine. Metabrew replaces that copious caffeine with MCT oil, which our body is able to turn directly into food energy, lifting you up long enough to finally learn “Space Oddity” on the ukelele, and finally sign up for space camp, cause you should definitely chase your dreams, Derek!


Thumbnail Photo credit to: T Shirt Groove.