Metabrew Turns 2!

732 Days, 7 hours, and 23 minutes ago, in a borough not so far away….


With only sugar-y, over-processed, artificial products assailing them at aisles across Manhattan island, two rebels with strategic design degrees still hot from the printer set out to change the way people thought about food and productivity. Or at least, that was the plan…

Two years later, some 6,000 bottles have been hand-filled and drunk, four bottle designs have been stuck to three different kinds of bottles, and we’ve managed to convince more than 70 store owners that people will actually BUY Metabrew if they put it on their shelves. Even though we set out with little more than a good idea, an entire adobe suite of design skills, and as much enthusiasm as Wile E. Coyote with a new Acme catalogue, we never thought we’d be where we are today.

What an early Metabrew plan looked like

What an early Metabrew plan looked like

Looking back, there were so many times when the pitfalls of the beverage industry had us looking up from the bottom wondering how we’d ever move on, how any of this would ever work, and why we hadn’t listened to the folks who called us certifiable when we told them that we weren’t only making a product from scratch, but carving out a new product category in a field we had all but a pinch of experience in.

But, for all those moments, there were also times when we couldn’t help but literally bounce up and down with excitement, giddily laughing at who just mentioned us on their snapchat story, or over an unexpected email from, yes, THAT guy from THAT company. With a marketing budget of about zero dollars and zero cents, humans that we were fans of long before Metabrew were picking up bottles of stuff we had mixed, filled, and sealed, and telling people about it. Every day we’re humbled -- by the process itself, by the inspirational people we meet, and more than anything, by the people who reach out and tell us that we’ve made something that helps them.

And while looking back at what we’ve been able to accomplish and what we’ve been able to overcome gives us a serious case of the warm and fuzzies, we’re working harder than ever to move forward and move some Metabrew in places it’s never been before. We’ve got big big plans for this summer, and we can’t wait to bring even more people into the fold.


The Meta-crew with some very small cups

The Meta-crew with some very small cups

By some act of God, we’ve made it as far as we have, and no one deserves more thanks than you! So thank you to all of you meta-believers! Keep living Meta! And don’t ever forget: