On Magnesium

If you’re anything like us, your first acquaintance with Magnesium was probably in Chemistry 101 where your teacher made some Oxygen-magnesium joke that ended in an OMG. As it turns out, as much as you’d like to distance yourself from anything involved in Milk of Magnesia, Magnesium is way up there in terms of most important elements for biological life the entire earth over, and our bodies need a pretty good amount of the stuff to function at their very best.

In fact, there’s a little Magnesium in every single cell in the animal kingdom, and it’s an indispensable element in more than 600 different reactions in our body ranging from energy creation to nervous system regulation. And even though Mg is the ninth most abundant metal in the universe, some 50% of humans living in the Northern America and Europe get less than their daily allotted value.

If making your mitochondria happy wasn’t enough, there’s practically a gold mine’s worth of health riches for those who choose to get in the Magnesium game. For one, it might not make you the next Lebron James, but there’s strong evidence that Mg-intake boosts athletic performance -- mostly because we need more of it when we work out (about 20% more).

Your mitochondria on Magnesium.

Your mitochondria on Magnesium.

Anxious about not getting enough Magnesium in your diet? Magnesium is perfect for ya. Apart from being shown to combat out-and-out depression, Mg can also help lower blood pressure, help restless legs rest, and allay insomnia sufferers minds.

So yeah, there’s a good chance we all might need to work a little more Magnesium into what we put into our faces, and lucky for us, the stuff is abundant in all manners of things tasty and nutritious: things like avocado, pumpkin seed, spinach and other leafy greens, dark chocolate, cashew, Halibut, Mackerel, and Salmon. Recognize a couple of those? With a healthy helping of cacao and cashew, Metabrew’s got 34mg of Magnesium per bottle -- about 10% of your daily value if you’re a lady, and closer to 8% if you’re a dude.

So if you’re feeling like feeling better, you might just be in need of that ‘nesium. Go get you some today!