How to make Coffee Without a Coffee Machine

Wondering how to make coffee without a coffee machine? Tired of the French Press? Tried all possible permutations on that Aeropress? Is your Chemex becoming your new ex-favorite way to make a cup o’ joe? 

Well java nerds, have we got the blog post for you!

Does Newman's Own have eggs in it?

Does Newman's Own have eggs in it?

We love us some eggs over here at Metabrew, and you know we love messing with our coffee too. So, when we overheard two Dolph-Lundgren-looking dudes in Minneapolis talking about downsizing, and one said, “You can’t make coffee without breaking a few eggs,” we were first nonplussed, then a little sad, then after a little googling, youtubing, and poring over colonial coffee recipes, we were at the grocer shelling out stacks on eggs on eggs on eggs.

This isn't just an excitable coffee-loving lad with great hair, he's also world-class mandolin player, Chris Thile, and he's talking about egg coffee in this video.

This is a real thing, you guys! In the Midwest they call it “church basement coffee,” cause it’s an easy way to make enough coffee for the whole congregation without running your little Bunn into the ground (and it came over with all the ‘ssons that emigrated from Scandinavia). The egg ends up filtering out the grounds as it cooks (a lot like the way a consummé is made). When you’re done, what you’re left with is magnificently clear, and robust rusty-iron-colored coffee that you made with eggs!

Sound a little too egg-centric for making plain black coffee? (That pun counts for two for all y’all keeping track at home) We’ll be throwing down many more interesting ways to prepare that old cup o’ joe that don’t appropriate albumen -- stay tuned y’all!


Thumbnail photo creds to Cherry Creek Nutrition.