Coffee Cocktails the Metabrew Way

Now, we all know that Metabrew is a cocktail of kick-ass ingredients made to make you feel considerably better than usual, but sometimes we do prefer coffee cocktails in the old-fashioned sense too. Now, we are well aware of the deleterious side-effects of combining large amounts of caffeine with similar amounts of alcohol — it’s seriously one of the easiest ways to go overboard on booze in a hurry.

All that said, every once and a while a little tipple with your tea, or a spot of cognac with your coffee is alright by us. Here's a classic cocktail for y’all to try at home with good ole hooch and a vintage cup o' Joe, and one supremely scrumptious Meta-Concoction...

We in no way endorse combining caffeine with alcohol. However, we do endorse national treasure Betty White doing anything she damn well pleases.

We in no way endorse combining caffeine with alcohol. However, we do endorse national treasure Betty White doing anything she damn well pleases.

Spanish Coffee

We'll defer to modern master, and celebrated online cocktail dude Jeffrey Morganthaler of Clyde Common to help us out with this Portland classic that combines overproof Rum, triple sec, kahlua and hot strong coffee in a sugar-rimmed glass. Check out this video to see how they do it over at his excellent bar (and if you have any interest in making cocktails the right way, hit up his channel The Morganthaler Method).

.75 oz 151 Rum

.25 oz Triple Sec

1.5 oz Kahlua

Add Rum and Triple sec to a heatproof glass with a sugared rim. Ignite the overproof rum with a lighter and swirl the liquid so that it melts the sugar. Add the kahlua, and fill glass to sugar rim with hot coffee. Shake cream until it is aerated and pour gently on top. Impress your friends with your fire-bending, and hide your scorched fingertips in your pocket. For a meta-twist, replace the coffee with some heated Metabrew, and top with a little coconut cream instead of the heavy stuff.


Throwback to those stubby Meta days

Throwback to those stubby Meta days

Corpse Reviver Meta-rita edition

Corpse Revivers are one of drink-mixing's oldest traditions -- early hair-of-the-dog-that-bit-you remedies for bringing an old sport back to life after a particularly debauched evening. This edition gets a healthy dose of our favorite hangover cure, Metabrew, a little Lambanog (a spirit distilled from the sap of coconut flowers), and a splash of High Wire's Southern Amaro Liqueur (a bitter made like an Italian Amaro but with herbs and plants native to South Carolina).

2 oz Metabrew

1 oz Borakay Lambanog (or other neutral spirit)

.5 oz High Wire Southern Amaro Liqueur

.25 oz Rich Simple Syrup

Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin with ice, and shake it like you're a tambourine player at his last big show. Strain and pour into a coupe glass and garnish with an orange peel. Come back from the dead, and go do your laundry, or watch a documentary or something.


Thumbnail photo credit to Food and Wine.