Metabrew Field Trip: Our Morning at General Electric

As you’re probably aware, there’s no better office companion than good old Metabrew. Something about those healthy fats, those oh-so-super foods, and that little bit of caffeine gets those neurons firing just right. So when the marvelous humans over at GE HQ invited us in to do some sampling this past Wednesday, we launched into about a three-minute barrage of high fives and hugs, and said, oh yes yes yes.


Talk about a match made in heaven...Bringing this wholesome, yet electrifying energy drink we call Metabrew to a company that’s been driving innovation for 125 years made so much sense, we wondered why we hadn’t reached out sooner.

Needless to say the event was a smash-hit. Before we got there, timing and location details were discussed with client service specialist, and soon-to-be-our-favorite-human-ever, John M. We arranged for a couple of flyers to be posted around the office (to our surprise when we got there, our little orange piece of paper was framed -- I know it’s a tiny tiny thing, but it made Romy and I smile so big).

When we arrived at their Madison Avenue office, we needed to help each other pick our jaws up off the floor -- it was obviously gorgeous, decorated with lots of cool old GE stuffs and impeccable furnishings, but what struck us was how homey and comfortable the whole place felt. We were greeted with so much warmth and kindness by John and the whole staff, and are so grateful for it.

 We don't know why Benedict Cumberbatch's face is pasted over Edison's, but we can't say we don't love it.

We don't know why Benedict Cumberbatch's face is pasted over Edison's, but we can't say we don't love it.

And then the sampling started: as people came by wondering what these black-t-shirt-wearing, odd-grinning, obviously-caffeinated folks were doing in their space, we started to have some amazing conversations with people about Metabrew, and why we think this little nutty energy drink is the future, f’real.

And not only that, we were so happy that so many folks took an interest in our little three-person start-up too, sitting down for long ten-plus-minute conversations about who we were, and where we came from, and how two designers/strategists and a creative writer got into the beverage game.


All in all, there wasn’t a down second the entire time -- the two of us were a-buzz with all the good energy GE was providing, and we joked that we hoped they didn’t have security cameras in the lobby as we broke into our happy dance after it was all done and dusted.

For many of you reading this who don’t work at GE, it might seem a litttlllle sacharine, but everything about the office screamed Living Meta! -- from having a pantry that looked just like ours at home, to the good energy and friendliness we were surrounded with, there’s no way we could be more pleased.

So thank you to GE! To all the people who made this happen! And hopefully to a few new converts to that nut-buttered, lightly-caffeinated lifestyle!

If you work in an office that isn’t GE, and would like to see our faces come through for a little office sampling, shoot us an email, and we’ll be over faster than you can say, METABREW!

Alex C.Comment