Warm it up, sis

It’s cold and wet outside, and we know y’all are probably craving all manner of drinkables hot and spiced so you can feel like you’re drinking a hug from your favorite portly uncle, annnndd we also know that Metabrew isn’t quite so comforting, but have we got some good news for you…

According to Tastemade (and others) a number of the ingredients in our funky little brew have actually been shown to raise body temperature significantly. The 53 caffeine in our brew accelerate your metabolism big-time, and the MCT oil in the brew makes your body burn caloric fuel faster than an uber-driving, uber-caffeinated Speed Racer in a Hum-V.

 That after-you-warm-it-up feeling

That after-you-warm-it-up feeling

We love a little hot Metabrew, and we’ve got a little south-of-the-border-inspired Meta-preparation that we’ve been sipping on the past couple weeks that we thought we’d share with y’all:

You’ll need:

- A 11.5 oz bottle of Metabrew,

- A pinch of cayenne pepper

- One whole cinammon stick

Over very very low heat (cause you don’t wanna cook the nutrients out of those whole foods), pour the brew into a pot with the cinnamon stick and a pinch of cayenne. Let heat slowly, pour into your biggest coffee cup, don a pumpkin-colored snuggie and put on a little Westworld.


Thumbnail photo credit to: 6iee.