The Founders Romy Raad & Natalie Neumann - Photograph by Aimee Brodeur

The Founders Romy Raad & Natalie Neumann - Photograph by Aimee Brodeur

We, Romy Raad and Natalie Neumann, are the founders of Metabrew. When we met at Parsons doing a Master’s in essentially entrepreneurship, we had late night classes and caffeine was our enemy no 1. Due to Natalie’s low heart rate, she used to drink 8 coffees a day, while Romy has a hyper sensitive stomach and caffeine makes her sick. 

We were really thirsty for a clean source of energy but when we looked for a solution, most energizing beverages we found contained tons of caffeine, sugar and artificial ingredients. They were anything but uplifting.

And we weren’t alone. In fact, 83% of people we surveyed said they want to cut down on caffeine - WITHOUT cutting down on the benefits of it! So we set out to solve this.

After a year of experimenting and gathering feedback, we found a blend, that helped the both of us. It gave us a nice energy boost that kept us running for hours. No jitters or crashing. No stomach complaints. And all that with the amount of caffeine of a cup of tea. 

Metabrew works. BECAUSE of its difference, not in spite of it. Our ingredients come from all over the world, and so do we. Conventional wisdom is only conventional to those that grew up with it. Coming from Lebanon and Germany, we felt comfortable challenging accepted ideas about nutrition here in the U.S.

We’re Metabrew. We’re here to stay. And lucky for this start-up, we’ve found the secret to better energy (cause we need it). 


Our mission is to empower you with energizing drinks that are purpose driven, nourishing, accessible and delicious. 

We want you to experience first hand how REAL FOOD can make you feel great, motivated and energetic. 

How making better choices in food products can make you live healthier and happier. And ultimately challenge yourself to become your own hero.

That is our mantra and we want to share this with you. 


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