What's in Our Coffee?

We've thrown a lot of stuff into our coffee over the years, and a lot of that right into the kitchen sink. We're here to let you know what tastes good, what's simply good for you, and why we still have nightmares about a Brewer's Yeast concoction we made one dark and stormy night.

Alex C.Comment
Warm it up, sis

Hot coffee's the best. We know it. You know it. If it wasn't coffee ice cream, a lot of us probably first tried coffee after our gram gram was done with her hot cup of joe and had us try the creamy, sugar-y slurry there at the bottom, and if you're like me, very few days have passed since when there wasn't a warm mug in your face. Metabrew is cold. Find out how to make it hot!

What is a Hangover?

Sometimes, it's your favorite sister's birthday and maybe it wasn't a good idea but you had that last shot that looked like something off the Candyland board, and now it's the next day and you feel like you're head is being drawn and quartered. What do you do? Probably pray a gallon of water will allay all of that, "Oh God." Find out why water isn't the only way to chase that hangover away.

Metabrew Cocktail Hour

Metabrew's a cocktail of only the best possible ingredients (both in quality and in making you feel like a meta-human). But we all have to let off some steam every once in a while. Read more to discover our favorite coffee cocktail, and how we do during Metabrew happy hour.