MCT Oil: Why's it in Metabrew?

 There are plenty of reasons to drink Metabrew: it's tasty, it's got a lot of those good good saturated fats your heart loves, annnnd it's made by a tiny little Brooklyn company just chock full of heart. But you drink Metabrew because it gives you that good jitter-free energy. A lot of the reason why starts with MCT oil!

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Metabrew Turns 2!

For all y'all that have been with us since we set out on this weird and wonderful adventure, you know how tough, and how amazing this undertaking's been. We're feeling uber-grateful this week and wanted to thank YOU for everything!!

Working From Home?

We all know how much fun working from home can be, but how great would it be if you also got a lot done. Wish you could be as productive as a Bruce Wayne in a batcave...take a gander at these 7 ways to make yourself a home-office superhero!

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What's in Our Coffee?

We've thrown a lot of stuff into our coffee over the years, and a lot of that right into the kitchen sink. We're here to let you know what tastes good, what's simply good for you, and why we still have nightmares about a Brewer's Yeast concoction we made one dark and stormy night.

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Warm it up, sis

Hot coffee's the best. We know it. You know it. Since that first time gram gram let me try that sugary slurry at the bottom of her cup, very few days have passed since when there wasn't a warm mug in my face. But Metabrew is cold. Find out how to make it hot!