Metabrew has 5g of MCT Oil


Exclusively derived from coconuts.

 Metabrew is made with Brooklyn-roasted coffee from Café Integral

Single-Origin Coffee

Sourced from a Brooklyn based roaster.

 Metabrew is packed with raw cashew butter

Raw Cashews

Organic goodness that makes you smile.

 Metabrew gets an anti-oxidant boost from raw, fair-trade cacao

Fair-Trade Raw Cacao

An organic superfood in its best form.

 Monkfruit is a tasty natural sweetener with zero calories

Monk Fruit

For a hint of guilt-free sweetness.


Free of sugar, dairy, gluten, preservatives

Vegan, Paleo, and Bulletproof™, friendly

Made with ingredients from U.S. suppliers

Organic, and ethically sourced ingredients

Made with YOUR needs & tastebuds in mind