The  MCT oil  in Metabrew turns your digestive system into a superhero!


Exclusively derived from coconuts.

Metabrew has your (almost) your daily value of Vitamin C because of Camu Camu

Raw Baobab

An organic fruit with superpowers.

Metabrew Tea has a touch of Vanilla just like grandma used to make.

Single-Origin Coffee

Sourced from a Brooklyn based roaster.

Metabrew is loaded with tasty, heart-healthy cashew butter

Raw Cashews

Organic goodness to make you smile.



Metabrew nut-buttered tea has less caffeine and 5 mg MCT oil

Organic Black Tea

Cold-brewed to perfection. 

This superberry has all the sweetness of sugar, with none of the sugar -- try it with tropical fruits!

Monk Fruit

For a hint of guilt-free sweetness.

 Raw Carob

An organic superfood in its best form.


Yacon Syrup

Organic liquid gold for a perfect taste.


You’ve finally found it. The end to your galaxies-long search for the longest-lasting, best-for-you, greatest-tasting energy in all the universe! Metabrew isn’t a liquid comet’s tail or a unicorn’s horn made into a drink, NO! It’s cold-brewed tea or coffee blended up with organic raw superfoods from all over planet earth!

Metabrew revolutionizes the iced coffee and iced tea game by taking caffeine and emulsifying it with healthy oils. Metabrew keeps you going and going and going longer than it takes Pluto to go round the sun, and with only about as much caffeine as grandma's tea. We don’t EVER add any sugar, or anything fishy like Soy Lecithin or Citric Acid.


only the best ingredients from all over the world