the Meta Mavens


ALEX COOK - Partner

Copy Maven I Content Marketing & PR

With his cheerful spirit and endless creativity, Alex (a former dorm-room coffee shop owner!) is the wordsmith creating the brands authentic and unforgettable voice.

NATALIE NEUMANN a.k.a. NEU - Co-Founder

Chief Maven I Operations, Finance, Prod. Dev.

With her American drive, German mindset, and heart of an industrial designer, Natalie is the wheel safely navigating the company with her systems and spreadsheets.

ROMY RAAD a.k.a. RAD - Co-Founder

Chief Maven I Sales, Marketing, Distribution

With her branding background, Lebanese charm and hospitality sense, Romy is the dynamo of the team, lightning excitement to close sales deals and foster relationships.

"We believe in the power of food as a catalyst for bliss. We believe that life and work should be symbiotic — not just balanced. As creatives, we explore ways of fusing food, strategy and design to make this happen." - RAD&NEU


Unique Brews from Unique Views

Unique. That’s the word most people end up using when trying Metabrew for the first time. Then maybe...Tasty. Refreshing. Delicious. We hear, “Ohhhhh, that’s good.” Sometimes “A little too different.” But, to be fair, it’s not everyday that you get to try something that apparently has coffee or tea in it, but also nut-butter? and some weird coconut oil thing? and various roots that sound the same backward as they do forward?



But that’s why Metabrew works. BECAUSE of its difference, not in spite of it. We come from all over the world, and so do our ingredients. Conventional wisdom is only conventional to those that grew up with it. So, coming from Lebanon and Germany, we felt comfortable challenging accepted ideas about nutrition here in the U.S. Like that saturated fat was fundamentally bad for you. Or that you had to make a drink loaded with sugar for people to drink it. Or that you need a lot of caffeine to give a lot of energy. 

One Great Feeling

When we moved to NYC in 2013, to attend grad school, we instantly fell IN LOVE with this city and it’s fast - paced lifestyle. BUT soon developed health problems because of the questionable standards in the food industry here and it was really frustrating to constantly feel sick. 

One of the problem we were seriously struggling with was caffeine. Due to Natalie’s low heart rate, she used to drink something like 8 coffees a day, while Romy couldn’t drink any without feeling awful.

So we thought, what if we can reinvent this morning beverage?

After a year of testing different blends and formulations and gathering feedback, we had a revelation. People have always thought that more caffeine meant more energy. But, when we found a formulation that left us both feeling really really good it was the one that had only about as much caffeine as a cup of tea blended with a good dose of healthy saturated fat.

 The 'Evolution' of METABREW Nut-Buttered Coffee

The 'Evolution' of METABREW Nut-Buttered Coffee

That’s when we realized that this was a novel concept: That you could get a better effect than those other energy drinks loaded with sugar, crazy ingredients, and lots of caffeine with a drink low in caffeine, with virtually no sugar, and only ingredients you could find at that health store down the street with all the hippies hangin’ around.

We decided that this product was worth bringing to the masses, and started Metabrew in 2015. Back then we were just a couple of Parsons grads with the idea that we could change some people’s ideas about energy.


Always Learning

When we did start it was fun. Experimenting, learning every day, making our dreams a reality. It was groovy.

We launched Metabrew: Nut-Buttered Coffee in August of 2016, producing our first commercial batch, and getting our first bundle of NYC and Brooklyn stores to start selling Metabrew. It was crazy. Friends of ours would send us pictures from their favorite stores of a product that we were literally bottling ourselves. It was surreal.

As we grew, Alex - a young creative writer with a big appetite for the food industry joined our team. He’s still trying to help us come up with new puns on the word brew, and is now a partner in the company.


Obviously times have changed. Now we cold-brew the coffee. And we’re not screwing on caps ourselves anymore. Our recipe is almost completely different too.

We still have the same idea we had at the beginning, though. We won’t ever put anything in our bottles that isn’t in some way beneficial to those who drink it, and we still believe that energy from food is more powerful than energy from pure psychoactives (like caffeine). 

Changing Minds

It’s hard to see what the future holds cause it’s so dang bright. But, we’re still just a little group of outsiders learning more and more everyday about how this whole beverage industry thing operates in the first place, and we’ve got people believing in what we’re doing. In our incubator we can’t stock the brew fast enough, and we get messages from people out of the blue about how they can’t get enough of the stuff.

We’re Metabrew. We’re here to stay. And lucky for this little start-up, we’ve found the secret to better energy (cause we’re gonna need it).