the Meta Mavens

ROMY RAAD a.k.a. RAD  

Chief Maven I Sales & Marketing

Creative strategist and graphic designer with a Lebanese sensibility for hospitality, Romy is the dynamo, lightning excitement to close deals and foster relationships.


Chief Maven I Operations & Finance

With her American drive, German mindset, and heart of an industrial designer Natalie is the wheel strategically navigating the team safely through any turbulences.


Copy Maven I Content & PR

Creative writer and former dorm-room coffee shop owner,  Alex is the wordsmith creating the brands authentic and unforgettable voice.


R&D Maven I Product Development

As a nutraceutical scientist in health & nutrition, Kellie creates magical concoctions in the lab using ingredients most people have never heard of before.

"We believe in the power of food as a catalyst for bliss. We believe that life and work should be symbiotic — not just balanced. As a creative duo we explore ways of fusing food strategy and design to make this happen." - RAD&NEU


It might sound strange, but Metabrew was in its own way a philosophy before it was a product. 

How to Live in New York City: a Crash Course

Rewind to 2013, when we were in grad school, and not yet privy to the little ways New Yorkers know how to make this city work for them (like facing the right way on the subway, or getting to know your local bartender, etc.). Life was good, but like anything good, there was some work required to get it. 

Food had been essential to both us, having grown up in Bavaria and Lebanon where “local,” “grass-fed,” and “pastured” aren’t words you see too often in grocery stores because the produce was always fresh and local, and the chickens and the cows were always raised in a grassy field. We knew that better food made us feel better. 

The one thing that didn’t jive with us was the way we caffeinated. 

For one of us, it was impossible to keep going without what was more or less a pot of coffee, and a 2-liter of Diet Coke day in day out. For the other, the amount of caffeine in a regular cup of joe was too much for her stomach to take, and she survived on a spare amount of tea in the morning to help her on throughout the day. For both of us, coffee and tea weren’t doing enough for our particular needs, and we still wanted/needed the benefits of caffeine to sustain our hectic lives. Basically we needed less caffeine, and caffeine that lasted longer. 

Coffee with Oil is Better

We wondered if there was another way, did some research and stumbled on a circle of folks who were blending butter and coconut oil into their coffee. 

The idea made sense - caffeine dissolved in fat is digested slowly, so you get a slower release from the caffeine, and thus don’t need as much - but, it was time-consuming, more than a little messy, and too heavy for our stomachs.

So, seven days before graduating from our Master's at Parsons, in May 2015, we registered this company.

We took to the lab, strapped on some rubber gloves, and exclusively spoke like Albert Einstein for a while, while we tinkered with a version of buttered coffee that made it easier for people to give it a try. We stumbled through a slew of interesting experiments ranging from a ghee-base, to a shakeable kit, but we really started to have success once we moved towards a plant-based model. 

We’ve thrown about everything but the kitchen sink into a hot pot of joe (we’ll get back to you on that habanero coffee), but the day Metabrew really happened for the first time was fairly uneventful.

We were chilling another experiment, this time with cacao and cashew butter in addition to the MCT oil and coffee. We’ll never forget what we saw when we opened that refrigerator door.

The face of (Thriller) Michael Jackson was miraculously impressing itself on the inside of the carafe, just there, a result of some natural separation of the cashew and the coffee. The King of Pop was sending us a message, “This is the start of something, something big, get down, and bring it to the people!”

And so we did. Metabrew has been thrilling and bringing a very countable number of people back from the dead since, and we're humbled to see that the meta nation just keeps getting bigger and bigger.